Thrash Metal Attack II LP 1988
Label: New Renaissance #: NRR45 Country: USA
Info: Like previous NRR comps all tracks are taken from demos and thus different to possible later album versions. Comes with NRR catalogue sheet.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. EMETIC LEPROSY - Deeds Of The Past
  A relatively melodic chorus on top of riff-orgie Thrash makes for a great opener.
2. CRIONIC - Sneaking Disease
  The ruff, grunting vocals might be a turn-off to some but other than that Crionic were one of Scandinavia's greatest riff-smiths in the Thrash field.
3. SOOTHSAYER - Deadly Fear
  An ultraspeed crossover shorty that's a bit of a joker and not really a fair representative of an otherwise classic demo. Later featured on the "To Be A Real Terrorist" demo reissue CD in 2007.
4. ANGKOR WATT - The Box/Burners Of The Cross
  Great, gritty & diverse Thrash/crossover that sounds a bit too muffled for comfort.
5. DARKNESS - Legacy Of Blood
  Deutschland shines with some superb, snappy SpeedThrash and makes a better job at grabbing your attention than on their LPs. Later featured in "The Demos" 3LP boxset on High Roller Records.

Side B:
1. INSECTICIDE - Overpowered
  Some obvious Slayer-influences but pieced together in a slightly different way. Later featured on a s/t reissue CD realeased by Blower Records in 2007.
2. HOSTILE RAGE - Dead Meat
  Simple SpeedThrash very similar to Overkill.
3. GAMMACIDE - Shock Treatment
  Fast, classic "bay-area" Thrash, though from Texas this time.
4. BATTALION - The Sentence
  Evil Thrash with OTT John Tardy-like vox + neat chord progressions. The Danish band.
5. SEVERE WARNING - The Black Plague
  Featured on umpfteen compilations throughout the years but never a proper release of their own? Sick. This is just awesome, raw, midpace METAL with great facepounding production. Anthology DLP reissue asap, please.
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