Thrash Metal Attack LP 1986
Label: New Renaissance #: NRR 27 Country: USA
Info: Pretty intense stuff for its time, but hardly the best nor most diverse of NRR's heavier compilations. All songs taken from demos = different to album versions.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ANVIL BITCH - To The Grave
  Simple Thrash Metal with ample chorus.
2. RABID - Led To The Gallows
  Primitive demo-production aside a quite talented Thrash act. Not too original but technical without loosing pace.
3. DEFCON - Red Light
  Awesome Speed Metal, like a really clever Exciter. Well worthy of some research me thinks.
..and yes, this is the very same DEFCON featuring Lloyd Grant who played on the very first METALLICA demo.
4. POST MORTEM - Armies Of The Dead
  Isn't this Necrophagia? Um.. no, apparently not. Funny super-primitive Zombie-Metal.
5. NECROPHAGIA - Young Burial
  Even funnier (and extremer) Zombie Metal. Übercool, but only while wearing ones' rock'n'roll-history goggles. Later featured on the 2007 2CD reissue of "Season Of The Dead".
6. BLOOD FEAST - Menacing Thunder
  Dumb, unoriginal & bad Thrash/Death at its' best. Later featured on the "Remnants: The Last Remains" demo compilation CD from 2002.

Side B:
1. NECROPOLIS - The Future Holds The Past
  Classic NRR-Thrash-filth bordering on EmbryonicDeathMetal. Works out great as a filler on a comp like this but a full-length worth of this stuff would get tedious.
2. AGGRESSION - Torment Or Death
  Same same, sort of. Fast Sodom-riffing + nasal grunts. Later featured as bonus on the 2004 release of their "Forgotten Skeleton" album.
3. HELLWITCH - Torture Chamber
  The combination of hectic, start-stop Thrash riffing and a superdry demo-production makes them stand out from the crowd. Their cult status is not entirely undeserved. Later featured on both a 2CD reissue of "Syzygial Miscreancy" and the "Final Approach" CD.
4. DESEXULT - Salvation
  A great change of pace by way of European Doom Death '85. Simple & dumbed down Celtic Frost riffs intertwined with Sodom/Destruction bursts of DevilSpeed noise. Recorded when they were still called Samhain, grabbed from "The Courier" demo, later reissued on 7" in 1995.
5. WEHRMACHT - Gore Flix
  An interesting contrast to Desexult, I guess this was the US cutting-edge counterpart of the time. Classic ultraspeed US Crossover. Old faves never die....
6. WARGOD - Preserved Corpses
  Underproduced US Speedcore fare.
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