Thrash LP 1991
Label: Radio Tripoli Discos #: CPP 766 Country: Argentina
Info: Quite an obscure release. Some bands might have put out their own releases later, but here they are all underground unknowns (for better or worse - mostly worse). On the back sleeve bands are asked to send in demos for an upcoming volume, but no such follow-up is know to exist.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HAMMER - Premonicion
  Plain ol' Metallica-worship w/ added grunting vocals.
2. RAPIER - Luz De Tempestad
  "Bay Area Thrash" a la Forbidden/early Testament. Quite well performed and not totally without punch.
3. NEPAL - Represor
  No The Crisis-influences to be heard I'm afraid, just more of that 2nd rate Techno-thrashing, now getting a bit tiresome.
4. GENOCIDIO - Humana Pestilencia
  No releation to the Brazilian BlackThrash-mongers. Ultra-fast drumming and heavy, "evil" riffing but w/ weak vocals and flat production.
5. KRUPP - Entierro
  A nice change of pace with some classic Heavy/Power. Nothing outstanding, but with some great harmony breaks.
6. DEPREDADOR - Semillas Del Terror
  Decent, crunchy mid-pace Thrasher that gets a bit monotonous after a while.

Side B:
1. ESCABIOS - Aniquilar
  Even if they're sounding a bit like Root for a few seconds it's really just dumb, sloppy, 1st-demo'y thrash.
2. THANATHOR - Mentes Enfermas
  This could probably turn/bang a few heads had it come w/ better production. Technical, quite intricate Thrash.
3. MILITIA - Violencia
  Bleakest, most generic Thrash yet. Forgot what else to write already...
4. SATANICA - Persiguiendo Tu Ideal
  Proud, punding Power Metal! In this environment they sound downright genious, but yeah, some great riffing for sure.
5. KIEF - Fui Un Tonto
  Pretty cool Tank-sounding FWOHM/Heavy HR let down by out-of-tune vocals.
6. RESISTENCIA NATIVA - Nacido Para Perder
  Surprisingly good crossover w/ a Motörhead-touch, making them at least not "NOT Metal".
7. FUNERAL FUNNY - Cual Es La Ley
  This on the other hand has to be filed under useless Punk/Crossover.
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