Teutonic Invasion Part Two LP 1988
Label: Roadrunner #: RR 9546 Country: Holland
Info: One hell of a let-down from the classic first volume, the few bright moments being the few non-exclusive tracks.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RIGOR MORTIS - Tic Tac Toe
  The kind of well-performed but unoriginal Bay Area-worship that struck the European mainland in the late 80's like the plague. Testament meets the Kreator of the day..
2. SCAFFOLD - Beyond Eternity
  Technical Powerthrash '88 with an annoying singer.
3. AVALANCHE DANGER - Avalance Danger
  Semi-progMetal reminding of King Diamond with the odd Voivod-break thrown in.
4. BLOODFEAST A.D. - My Lovely Polaroid
  Super-retarded, quirky crossover/thrash with barking oi-punk vocals. Awful.

Side B:
1. CHAINSAW - Reinheitsgebot
  Opens with a yodel, which is only marginally more irritating than their play-by-numbers Thrash. I was very disappointed to learn that this is indeed the old "Hell's Burning Up" LP guys gone fashionable :(
2. PESTILENCE - Hatred Within
  Yes it's the Dutch act. Good brutal Thrash like their 2 first LPs. Later featured on their "Mind Reflections" anthology CD in 1994.
3. PROUD EXISTENCE - Castles In Black
  Of course these Dutch Metal Gods obliterates all competition. Superb Power Metal everyone should know about.
4. GHANDI - Entertainment Of War
  What a surprise! Melodic Teutonic Power Metal-light from the dumbest band name in Metal history, but somehow it still shreds!
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