Tampa Bay's Metal Mercenaries: The Invasion MC 1988
Label: ME Records #: C-ME 10010 Country: USA
Info: Cassette only compilation of bands from the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Produced by Keith Collins (ex-bassist for SAVATAGE). A second volume came out in '94, but this was mostly a Death Metal-centered affair, featuring reknowned acts like Malevolent Creation and Monstrosity.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KEITH KOLLINS KRUNCH - Amplified Homicide
  Keith Collins does a good job sounding like his former band. The biggest flaw is that singer is no Jon Oliva.
2. OBLIVION - Rivothead
  Ripping speed/thrash with great varied vocals.
3. CAMELOT - Breaking The Silence
  Later became the famous Kamelot, though this sounds almost nothing like that. Excellent but demo quality power/prog like early HEIR APPARENT.
4. THUNDER - Cutthroat
  Sounds like early METAL CHURCH but not as good.
5. BLACKKOUT - Dead And Gone
  Awesome, albeit demo quality, power/thrash with a slightly eerie atmosphere.
6. HALIFAX - Majesta
  Awesome power/prog, almost sounds like a predecessor to the symphonic power metal bands of the 90s yet retains the power that so many of them lack.
7. SDT - Death In The Family
  Rough US metal with a cool goth/punk vibe to keep it interesting.
8. OSIRIS - Very Scary Mortuary
  Goofy crossover thrash that could be amusing once or twice. Would have fit better on the Grindcrusher compilation.

Side B:
1. MESIAXX - Island Of The Enchantress
  Aggressive power/thrash, but the raw production and a slight 70s influence on the guitars bring to mind BROCAS HELM.
2. SIREN - Murder At Midnight
  Awesome original metal that would have been right at home on their No Place Like Home LP.
3. DIRTY VIRGIN - Justice
  Capable SAVATAGE clones.
4. ARSENAL - Make No Provision
  Slow, ominous Christian doom with female vocals. Great stuff but be warned that their CD is nothing like this track which was recorded back in 1985.
5. FESTER - Innoculation Override
  Slightly technical thrash with clean vocals that brings to mind a more accessable VOIVOID.
6. ICED EARTH - Dracula
  Demo quality song that is like a cross between their debut and SANCTUARY. Same singer as debut (Gene Adam). Also note that this is a completely different song to the one with the same name on their Horror Show CD.
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