Szolnok Rock Vol 2 LP 1992
Label: Alt Product/Bat Records #: APLP 001 Country: Hungary
Info: 11 bands from the Szolnok county in central Hungary, compiled by O.B. Art Management, whoever they may be. Includes a 2-sided insert.
If there ever was a Vol. 1 I'm betting it was a long lost tape-only release, seeing as I have found no info whatsoever on it. Feel free to get in touch if you know more.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DESSERT - Felhőkön Át (Through The Clouds)
2. MYSTIC - Száguldás A Semmibe (Running To Nowhere)
  Uptempo Glam-HR.
3. LADY MACBETH - A Gonosz Szivében (In The Heart Of The Evil)
  More of a trad./Power Metal-style than their thrash-light Garazs offering. A neat obscurity for Pokolgep/Ossian/Stress-fans.
4. EXIT - Tisztelettel (Yours Sincerely)
  I usually frown upon these stale, mid-pace chugga-chugga-chugga thrashers, but this is a particularly mean & harsh piece with lots of 'Eastern X-factor' that won me over after first listen. Definitely tops their Garazs II contribution.
5. CROSSROAD - One Week
  Instrumental rock w/ lots of boring-arse guitarwankery.
6. TREMENS - Szállni Kéne (We Should Fly)
  Fast melodic punk/HC which is basically one guitar solo short of Speed/Power Metal.

Side B:
1. SYN-PHONIC - Thunder
  Instrumental electronic elevator music.
2. KIWIMATACUMBE - Védtelen Világ (Undefended World / Hommage à I.M.)
  Fem-fronted alternative pop/rock which tricks you with an almost-HM-sounding break in the middle.
3. PATER NOSTER - The Last Moment Of The Summer
  Jazzy instrumental fluff.
4. ADAM 30 - Keréksiklatás (Jump The Track)
  Goth rock.
5. MAGVETŐ - Hátulról, Belülről, Kívülről (From Behind, From Inside, From Outside)
  Alternative rock.
6. KOVÁCS ÉS BARÁTAI - A Mozdony Nem Az Enyém (The Engine Is Not Mine)
  Bluesy slide guitar jam featuring a selection of artists from the featured bands.
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