Sutura Eterna LP 1986
Label: Senzapatria #: - Country: Italy
Info: Punk/HC/Thrash comp w/ an antimilitarist theme. Some copies included a 10-page folder insert w/ band info and lyrics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MIDGARD - L'Ultimo Fuoco
  Sloppy, pummeling, Heavy/Thrash with grunting oi!-type vocals and out-of-tune guitars. (I really must point out that I'm a die-hard fan and collector of olde Italian Heavy Metal, but if I ever found a weakness in this scene it's in the Thrash-field.)
2. MIDGARD - Sangue Versato
  A bit more traditional Speed Metal here, but still very much of the below-par amateur variety.
3. LINK LARM - Politicanti
  Decent Dead Kennedys-influenced hc/fast punk.
4. LINK LARM - Militare
5. LINK LARM - Odio La Gente
6. LINK LARM - Voglio Fare Il Senatore

Side B:
1. DISPERAZIONE - Non E' Ancora Finita
  Diverse hc/punk with a few vaguely metallic bits.
2. DISPERAZIONE - Anticipo Di Morte
  Same, with lots of added start/stop breaks.
3. ANTISBARCO - Troppi Messaggi
  Straight-up fast hc.
4. ANTISBARCO - Controllo Totale
  Mid-pace hc.
5. ANTISBARCO - Tempo Di Menzogna
  HC/punk w/ noisy guitars.
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