Stuttgart Rock-Sampler LP 1983
Label: Elite Special #: XZ 86/LC 0194 Country: Germany
Info: Compiles 5 Stuttgart bands of different generes who were members of the music org "Musiker-Initiative Rock e.v. Stuttgart" or "MIR Stuttgart". Includes a two sided insert w/ band info. Had an all-Metal follow-up the following year.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SNOWGOOSE - Am Automat
  New Wave.
2. TRASH - Eifersucht
  Good'n catchy, galloping Hard Rock that just might pull towards a power-pop/classic rock sound.
3. BEL AIR - Emphasis
  Excellent dreamy/folksy instrumental prog.
4. OVERKILL - Angels Of Revenge (A Four Horsemen Story)
  Mom's Garage-Metal with homely riffing just above the level where 'amateur' turns to plain 'bad'.
5. ROXANNE - Engelein
  Keyboard-dominated soft aor.

Side B:
1. ROXANNE - Mench Maier
  A bit more funky pop-rock.
2. BEL AIR - Twilight
  Unfortunately no more of that cool prog stuff but a 60's style ballad w/ fem vox.
3. OVERKILL - New York City Queen
  Reminds me of SPARTA, which is a bit too high a praise from this reviewer, esp. since they clearly lack the energy and oomph of those English roughians.
4. SNOWGOOSE - Acth-Komma-Zwoo
  More new wa.. sorry, I mean 'Neue Welle'.
5. TRASH - Ich Will Leben
  A more NWOBHM-laden number in the style of TOPT or early DEF LEPPARD. Still has that faint pop-vibe..
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