Streetwise - Number Two Of Two LP 1990
Label: private #: MCR 002 Country: Sweden
Info: Slightly heavier content here than on the first volume, which I assume was released simultaneously. As before, most bands should be from the Malmoe-area in southern Sweden.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. LIVING KIND - Transfixed
  Alternative pop.
2. DEAR CHINA - Du Var Vacker
  Alternative pop/rock.
3. SUSPIRIA - I Want You To Know
  Cocky, hardrocky Metal with horrible, horrible female vocals which somehow manages to be both monotonous and out of tune at the same time.
4. WRAITH - Cashedy
  Peculiar, quick, almost Power Metal-like, but the amateur performance of the rhythm section makes it sound rather punky. It's total C-grade Steel, but a whole lot funnier and more entertaining than Suspiria.
5. MANMADE - Rumours
  More alterno-pop. (Best song so far tho'..)

Side B:
1. THE POINT - The Name Of The Game
  Folkrocksy ballad.
2. ROCK RIVERS - Glad To Be Back
  Ballsy Hard Rock of the American brand.
3. MORGUE - Tales
  Dark, moody yet melodic Metal with enough of that mystic Adramelch-touch to keep it interresting, despite the typical youth-centre vocals.
4. PILSNER - Down The Line
  Run-by-numbers amateur-hour melodic Heavy Metal.
5. GABBAS - [no title]
  Fast melodic punk with a hard rock feel.
6. RAGDOLLS - Don't Give Up
  Pop from what sounds like a very young all-girl act.
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