Streetwise - Number One Of Two LP 1990
Label: private #: MCR 001 Country: Sweden
Info: A rather obscure couple of releases, apparently recorded in the town of Malmö [Malmoe] so I guess all the bands were from that area, i.e. the south of Sweden. This volume is (mostly) for the rabid aor-collectors.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WHYSHY - Megamix
  Slick, funkish rock with an aor touch & fem vox.
2. EASY LIVIN - Children Of Future
  aor w/ more fem vox.
3. HICKORY HEADS - Remorseful Rascal
  Upbeat melodic Hard Rock with just enough of that timeless nwobhm-edge & spark to make it endurable. Strike 3 for female vocals.
4. ROMEOS DELIGHT - Song For You
  (Hard?) rock ballad.

Side B:
  Commercial rock/aor.
2. FIRST CENTURY - Hard To Live
  Pompy melodic Hard Rock, like a more aor Rising Force. And more girl-singings.
3. PRIME TOUCH - Distant Water
  Pop-rock schmaltz.
  The odd-men-out here. Musically this is pretty good, technical Metal/Thrash-light along the lines of fellow Swedes DESTINY, HEXENHAUS, MEZZROW and early FATA MORGANA. Unfortunately the vocals are straight outta' your local youth café/mom's garage.
And yes, if you connected the dots between the band name and town of origin, this is indeed a continuation of the old Malmö proto-Death-cultsters OBSCURITY(!)
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