Stock Music Collection: Rock LP 1984(?)
Label: L'Orielle En Marge #: OM 001 Country: France
Info: I don't know of any other volumes/genres in the Stock Music Collection, but at least this holds true to the "Rock" tag unlike some supposed rock compilations. Year of release is my best guess.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SHERWOOD - J'Veux Pas Rester Seul.
  Pompy hard rock that is quite heavy at times, like URIAH HEEP.
2. EX-CATHEDRA - Soirée Galère
  Alternative rock with touches of new wave.
3. EX-CATHEDRA - La Star
  Clearly the same band, but they went in a much more hard rock/punk direction on this track.
4. ARGOS - Confidentiel
  Starts off as a solid, if unimaginative, mid-paced number like so many bands on Ebony Records, but by the end it gives off an impressive epic vibe.
5. WALK-OVER - Le Chien
  Hard rockish punk.

Side B:
1. WALK-OVER - Cauchemar
  If these 2 tracks were on a British 45 it would probably be called NWOBHM by over-zealous collectors/dealers, but they're definitely more punk than metal.
2. VITRIOL - Ego
  Rough, shouty, and rather dull metal that's not even as good as their mediocre LP.
3. VITRIOL - Addiction Sanguine
  The opening promises something spooky, but no it's more of the same.
4. FEED-BACK - Rien Caché
  Quite good punk/metal in the vein of THE PLASMATICS.
5. FEED-BACK - Défi-Night
  More of a straight up punk track, at least until the guitar solo. A far cry from the cheesy pop of their "Voyage Oublié" single.
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