Steel Crazy LP 1982
Label: Abstract #: AABT 200 Country: France
Info: A rather eclectic compilation in that some tracks date back as far as 1979 and the artists come from a variety of countries and labels. However, about half of them could be described as NWOBHM and the other half fit stylistically at least.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE RODS - Get Ready To Rock 'N Roll
  Generic feel good hard rock.
2. TWISTED SISTER - I'll Never Grow Up
  Fun pre-LP track that really shows their punk roots.
3. STAMPEDE - Moving On
  Great upbeat UFO style rocker with hints of DEMON. Studio recording that is a bit longer than the version on their Days Of Wine And Roses 12".
4. STARFIGHTERS - Alley Cat Blues
  Given that guitarist Stevie Young was cousin to Angus and Malcolm, it's not surprising this sounds a lot like AC/DC.
5. ANVIL - Bedroom Games
  One of the faster, more metallic songs from their debut.

Side B:
1. BRIAN JOHNSON & GEORDIE - Keep On Rocking
  Boogie/blues rock (and a blatant attempt to cash-in on the success of Back In Black with yet another AC/DC tie-in).
2. PRAYING MANTIS - Running For Tomorrow
  Probably their best song, this has a great galloping main riff and a catchy chorus to boot.
3. KROKUS - Bedside Radio
  One of their lamer hits.
4. LAUTREC - Mean Gasoline
  AC/DC style NWOBHM featuring members of STAMPEDE and WEAPON. Originally released as a 7" which only ever reached the white label promo stage, and later included as a bonus track on the 2006 reissue of STAMPEDE's Hurricane Town.
5. GIRLSCHOOL - Take It All Away
  LP version of this high energy NWOBHM track.
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