Starview 92: Best Of The Bands 1987 LP 1988
Label: Bullet #: 8X657 Country: USA
Info: Local "battle of the bands" type compilation by central Pennsylvania radio station WHTF.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SIGNAL 21 - Another Way
  Light powerpop/AOR.
2. STRANGE BEHAVIOR - My Imagination
  Progressive rock that draws from many styles from pop to metal.
3. TORO & THE LAWN BOYS - Not Anymore
  Same old rock & roll.
4. YOUTH IN ASIA - I've Got A Secret
  Once a female fronted hard rock band, I can only assume this is different to the LP version because it sounds more like THE GO-GO'S.

Side B:
1. WRATH CHILD - Hells Gates
  This is the same pre-WRATHCHILD AMERICA demo version that appears on the 97 Underground compilation.
2. CRY TOUGH - I Can't Wait
  Starts off as mellow folk, then BOOM! hard rock that sounds like a significantly heavier TRIUMPH.
3. BACK TALK - An Old Cold War
  Semi-interesting glam/sleaze with some "Misty Mountain Hop" pilferage. Sounds like a different mix was used on their 1989 CD.
4. HAUNTZ - Madman
  Over-the-top speed/thrash with varied vocals. Even if it's not done very well, this is the kind of unique stuff that makes these local compilations worth tracking down.
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Submitted by Keir
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