St. Anthony's Fire LP 1983
Label: Grillo Rekord #: GR LP/0001 Country: Italy
Info: Compilation of bands from Padova, Italy.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PYRAMIDS - Clear face
  New wave.
2. SAN VITO DANCE - Boring Sunday
  Fem-fronted goth/wave.
3. AFTER SHAVE - A 1000 Of Ice Dreams
  Artsy/experimental new wave.
4. AFTER SHAVE - Touch It
  A bit more poppy new wave.
5. FACTORY SIZE - Nuvola Rossa
  Angsty new wave/goth.
6. FACTORY SIZE - Picture
  Wavy pop-punk.

Side B:
1. SBA-NDO - Ero Ero Ero È
  Frantic, hopping new wave.
2. SBA-NDO - Inedia
  '77-style punk rock.
3. SWORDS - Gallows In The Wind
  A rough but enjoyable NWOBHM-rocker where both the vocals and music remind me of early Holocaust's faster numbers.
4. STRIDO - Invasione Al Neutrone
  Quirky post-punk with wiggly keys a la Devo.
5. STRIDO - Freddo
  More of the same.
6. ALWERMAN - 2001 Dragon Man
  The minimal production values almost make them sound like their NW comrades, but there's a skeleton of true epic Maiden-Metal underneath, biting chunks out of "Hallowed Be Thy Name" without blushing.
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