Speed Metal Hell Volume Three LP 1987
Label: New Renaissance Records #: NRR 29 Country: USA
Info: The brutal UltraSpeedCore acts are starting to infiltrate the scene. All songs are taken from demos of the bands and thus different from LP versions.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PAPSMEAR - Die Killing
  The kind of no-bs, Slayer-on-puberty relentless Thrash that made NRR (in?)famous. Quite the ripper still. Later featured on the "Music To Kill By" CD+DVD anthology from 2008.
2. WEHRMACHT - Night Of Pain
  These guys were really extreme for their time. Always dug their insane Speedcore-thrashin'. Different from "Biermächt" LP version.
3. NECROPOLIS - Silent Scream
  Bit of a Macabre-vibe in these guys. Can't go wrong with that.
4. DREAM DEATH - Method To Madness
  Downtuned Doom-guitars, but songwise this is Celtic Frost on speed. One of the greatest acts on the label.
5. REGURGITATION - Pesticide
  These guys were pre-O.L.D. Less poorly aged crazy-humor here - just pure, violent ultraspeed with "good" bad production.
6. NECROPHAGIA - Power Thru Darkness
  Sloppy, amateurish proto-Death Metal. Cute maybe, but still the worst one so far.
7. REGURGITATION - Laryngitis
  Ultra-fast Thrash instrumental. Not listed on the sleeve or labels for some reason..

Side B:
1. BLOOD FEAST - The Suicidal Mission
  Oversimple thrashing, but there's something very compelling about those riffs..
2. PRONG - Disbelief
  Never liked what I've heard on their LPs, but this was a bloody great piece of quick crossover.
3. METAL ONSLAUGHT - Primal Scream
  The guitarwork remind me of UK Sacrilege, but this is clearly more US-sounding. Riff-orgasm!
4. THE KILL - Kill Or Be Killed
  More Speed Metal than Thrash from this great demo-only act. Sounds like something falling off a Metal Massacre-comp. Later featured on the VICE/THE KILL demo anthology LP "Complete" from 2009 (Stormbringer Records).
5. OUTRAGE - Under Control Of Law
  One of the better PowerThrash bands from Japan, at least at this stage of their career. Different from MLP-version.
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