Speed Metal Hell II LP 1986
Label: New Renaissance Records
Rock Brigade Records
#: GWD90548
Country: USA
Info: Not quite as ripping as the first volume. All songs are taken from demos of the bands and thus different from LP versions. Later released as a DLP with vol. I on Steamhammer Records, with added bonus tracks.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AT WAR - Rapechase
  Calling Razor "Canada's answer to Slayer" is dumb, but calling At War the US answer to Razor isn't too far from the truth.
2. MAYHEM - Loving Tribute/Burned Alive
  A fantastic, punky Speed Metal anthem from a great band. I keep thinking they sound British but I can't figure out why.
3. SAMHAIN - Plague Of Messiah
  Hardcore punk riffs at ultra-speed on the verses + Hellhammer choruses & breaks. They later became Desexult. Later featured on "The Courier" demo reissue 7" in 1995.
4. ANVIL BITCH - Neckbreaker
  Earliest Anthrax meets Nuclear Assault play-by-numbers Thrash.
5. SAVAGE THRUST - Crown Of Thorns
  Very "Kill 'em All"-sounding, embryonic Thrash. Full speed at medium level.
6. DEATHRASH - Buried Alive
  I wouldn't really call this 'Deathrash' but rather Crossoverspeed. A great representative of this nongenre.

Side B:
1. AGGRESSION - Metal Slaughter
  Not too clever but still brilliant, gruffy Thrash like their countrymen Sacrifice, Razor etc.. Later featured as bonus track on the "Forgotten Skeleton" reissue.
2. TEMPTER - Don't Get Mad ...Get Evil
  Sounds like Thrash anno 1983, when it still had some NWOBHM-flavour to it.
3. FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - Hammerhead
  2nd only to Agent Steel when it comes to US Speed '86. Later featured on the 3CD reissue of "Doomsday.." from 2006.
4. WARGOD - Day Of Attonement
  Closest thing to a Slayer-clone on the album ("Hell Awaits" era)
5. OUTRAGE - Cracks Under The Ice
  Not the Japanese band who later turned up on volume 3. The distorted bass + vocals sound a bit Motörheady, but otherwise it's just throwaway Thrash. They also had a track on Moose Molten Metal vol. 2.
6. POST MORTEM - Ready To Die
  Wild & rabid thrashing like Bloodcum meets early Black Task.
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