Speed Metal Hell LP 1985
Label: New Rennaisance
Rock Brigade Records
#: GWD90516
Country: USA
Info: Though far from perfect it's still one of NRR's finest compilations and must have broken some new ground for the genre in its day. All songs are taken from demos of the bands and thus different from LP versions. Later released as a DLP with vol. II on Steamhammer Records, with added bonus tracks.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SAVAGE GRACE - Master Of Disguise
  The title track from the debut full-lenght of one of the bands who came to define the term "Speed Metal" needs no introduction.
2. MEDIEVAL - World War Four
  Filthy & mean Lumberjack-Metal that probably wanted to be Venom but instead cemented an unmistakably American sound of their own.
3. ATTILA - Lucifer's Hammer
  Reminding of Piledriver but somehow lacks their chutzpah.
4. SHINING BLADE - Winged Snake
  Italian unsigned Metal Masters bringing to mind the old Satan demos as well as 80's Priest at their most epic.
5. BATTLE BRAT - Henchman
  Speed-Sleeze or Hair-Power Metal? Still very catchy in an almost punky way.
6. ARTILLERY - Hey Woman
  A rocking Speedthrasher, like a 'warmer' Razor maybe?

Side B:
1. SAVAGE GRACE - Fear My Way
  One of their greatest songs.
2. MIDNIGHT VICE - Vice Squad
  Galloping US Metal with some Hard Rock guitars thrown into the mix.
3. STILETTO - Through The Night
  More Speed-Sleaze. Clumsy & forgettable.
4. AT WAR - Eat Lead
  Venom-meets-Slayer F.U.-Thrash at its finest. One of their best songs.
5. EXECUTIONER - Victims Of Evil
  Hectic, almost crossover-sounding Fastness-Metal sounding a lot more interesting than on their later albums, sloppy as they may be.
6. WHIPLASH - Thrash Till Death
  Chaotic, rumbling Thrash-guitars delivering some exquisite riffing. Later featured on the "Messages In Blood" demo anthology CD in 1999.
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