Speed Kills III LP 1987
Label: Under One Flag #: FLAG 17 Country: England
Info: The last volume in the series to include any rare & exclusive recordings. (The following 3 volumes felt more like promotional tools for Under One Flag to he honest..) Printed inner sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force
  The only band awesome enough to open 2 volumes of the most prominent Speed/Thrash compilation series ever.
2. DEATH - The Unholy Grave
  Though I never became a huge fan, this remains one of my fave tracks by the band - probably because it's more of a Speed Metal-tune at heart. Only featured on the CD-versions and later reissues of Scream Bloody Gore.
3. HEATHEN - Heathen
  An exclusive but fairly pedestrian theme-song at mid-pace speed.
4. POSSESSED - Seance
  Their thrashier sound from "Beyond The Gates" doesn't stand out as much from the crowd as the debut material, but there's plenty of darkness about them still.
5. ENGLISH DOGS -The Eye Of Shamahn
  Very British 'riff-lego' Speed that's hard not to like.
6. BATHORY - Of Doom...
  Pure annihilation! As always they sound like they're from an entirely different dimension than the other featured bands.

Side B:
1. DEATH ANGEL - Mistress Of Pain
  I guess there's a certain frenziness about them that makes the otherwise rather basic Thrash of their debut stand out from the crowd.
2. ONSLAUGHT - Onslaught (Power From Hell)
  The year before they had a cut from their 2nd album featured on Vol II, while here they pick one from the crude debut, already sounding a bit dated (though certainly not bad). Since UOF licensed "Power From Hell" I guess this inclusion was more of a marketing ploy.
3. NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Cross Of Iron
  The weakest song off "The Plague" MLP is still a solid, raw Speed Metal tune, though not representative of the band in their absolute prime.
4. HOLY TERROR - Tomorrow's End
  Perhaps the greatest and most underrated 2nd gen Thrash act together with UK's SABBAT. Fantastic riffmanship and brilliant, unique vocals.
5. SACRILEGE - Insurrection
  A faster (but not quite Speed Metal) tune than most stuff off the outstanding, ultra-heavy "Within The Prophecy" album. The only track from the '86 demo not rerecorded for the LP (..and also the weakest I guess)
6. DARK ANGEL - Merciless Death
  The "Darkness Descends"-version of this classic Thrash piece.
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