Southern Comfort LP 1983
Label: Spectrum Records #: ASPEC 001 Country: England
Info: Another very rare ‘local sampler’ compilation. This one stands out for featuring five incredible, top-notch NWOBHM songs; most of the major NWOBHM compilations don’t feature this many great tracks. Even among the non-metal stuff there are some decent songs.
(First volume in a series of 4)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. PRAVDA - Minds Eye
  Widdly keyboards attack! A rock-pop tune that’s alright for what it is.
2. STRAIGHT SIX - Heavy Rain
  Classic NWOBHM, energetic and driving with excellent vocals, flashy guitars and strong songwriting. Definitely a lost NWOBHM gem.
3. FLOORS - Freeman
  Energetic, bouncy number with a slight ‘60s surf-rock vibe to it. Catchy; might be able to pass itself off as lightweight NWOBHM but not without contention. Pretty good vocal performance helps it along.
4. RAISING CAIN - Murder in Paradise
  The vocal phrasing and quirky beat make me think of Sting & THE POLICE, but there are also ‘70s hard rock roots and spacey keys thrown in. Amazingly it holds together and works fairly well.
5. DEUCE - Mystery Lady
  Barn-burner of sizzling NWOBHM; energetic and catchy with hot guitar work and a great riff. This band was also featured on ‘Southern Comfort Volume 3’ but the song is not in the same league as their tracks on this volume.

Side B:
1. DEUCE - Sail Me Away
  Slower than 'Mystery Lady', but a tight, great tune. This song is also catchy as hell with great guitar lines. If they had used these two songs for their 7”, the single would be considered one of the crown jewels of NWOBHM vinyl. Instead, they gave us the disappointing ‘Radar Love’ 2-tracker.
2. STRAIGHT SIX - Belt it Out
  Ripping NWOBHM, takes off like prime Sweet Savage (seriously!). A true, speed zone killer.
3. FLOORS - Wasted Years
  Hmm, definitely showing that they're not bona-fide NWOBHM, probably belong more in the same bin as The Hall or Paul Inder. This track isn’t as well-done as their contribution to Side A.
4. RAISING CAIN - September Rain
  Same ‘70s sound and spacey elements as before, but the song is more straightforward as a soft rocker. Like FLOORS, the track on Side A is better.
5. STRAIGHT SIX - Rock & Roll
  Another great track by this band. Anyone who’s looking for the next great, undiscovered NWOBHM treasure, track these guys down and unearth a demo tape or two!
6. AMADEUS - Grey Skies
  “Hey, there’s some space left at the end! Does anyone’s annoying little brother want to toot around on the Casio for a few minutes?”. Well, there had to be one total loser of cottony soft, elevator pop music. Sounds like slow-dance at the prom time with a few spacey keys thrown in towards the end.
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Submitted by Alan/nightsblood (4 swords)
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