Skull Thrash Zone volume I LP 1987
Label: Victor Records #: VIH-28284 Country: Japan
Info: Includes a 4-sided insert w/ pictures & band info.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DOOM - You End. Get Up! You
  Cult Jpn-weirdos doing their unique blend of hc/crossover/crust and Voivodian chords & songstructures better than I've heard on any other release!
2. DOOM - Dooms Days
  Even more off-the-wall w/ almost Nomeansno-like twists & turns, but still with 1/4 a foot in the Metal field.
3. SHELL SHOCK - Endless War
  Bland "Bay-Area" Thrash in the style of Sacred Reich or whatever.
4. SHELL SHOCK - Through The Night
  More 'Speed Metal' than 'Thrash', it that says anything.
5. X - Stab Me In The Back
  Pretty great Speed/Power reminding me of Heathen. Cool surprise!
6. X - No Connexion
  Fun-core speedbeat parts and demo-production aside a fantastic, original Speed Metal tune.

Side B:
1. JURASSIC JADE - Kagami Yo Kagami
  Faster-than-average Thrash, a bit more hc-tasting & original than usual for this band.
2. JURASSIC JADE - The Old Kingdom Of Hell
  Raw, simple, fast Thrash. Japan's answer to Kazjurol or Virus?
3. GROUND ZERO - Death Train
  Wild, hi-energy Thrash with neat breaks and vocals on the very good side of brutal.
4. GROUND ZERO - Victim Of King
  A bit more basic both in the vox- and song-dept. but still with a healty dose of originality.
5. ROSE ROSE - Death Of Thrill
  Occationally ultrafast crossover sounding a whole bloody lot like Cryptic Slaugther + some Thrash breaks.
6. ROSE ROSE - There's No Realism
  More cool crossover, now reminding me of Crumbsuckers or The Accüsed.
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