Skull Smash LP 1988
Label: Rock House Explosion Records #: EXP-HM191038 Country: Japan
Info: The first all-Thrash comp on this classic label, recorded live at the Rock House Explosion club between April 26 and March 17, 1988. It includes a 4-page insert (outer/inner) and is remarkably lame.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. JURASSIC JADE - Child Abuse
  Despite their cult-status I don't think Thrash could get any more generic, sorry.
2. DISARM - Outride A Horse
  Straight-ahead Thrash like Dark Angel.
3. RAGING FURY - Barricade
  Mid-pace stuff in the Bay-Area tradition of Exodus, Testament etc..
4. DEATHTRAP - Power From Hell
  The vocals make them sound like a more metallic The Accüsed.
5. RIVERGE - Slauish Charge
  Just fast Thrash-nonsense w/ barking vocals.

Side B:
1. SHELLSHOCK - I Wanna Get More Thrill
  Not that much more original than the other acts so far, but a decent song w/ some nifty riffin'
2. KILROY - Kilroy-Hate Dig
  More generic Thrash. Yawn..
3. DESERVER - Final Pollution
  Even more generic Thrash. Doubleyawn...
4. DEATH BLOW - Arms
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