Signal'naja Serija Plastinok 1 LP 1990
Label: Melodia #: C60 29911 002 Country: USSR
Info: Russian title: Сигнальная Серия Пластинок 1 ("Signal Series Records 1")

The 1st in a series of 10 'taster'-compilations released by Soviet state label Мелодия in 1990-91. The idea was that buyers could cut out a form from the paper-thin sleeve, vote on which band they wanted to hear a full-lenght album of, and the winner would then have its album released by the label. Unfortunately KRIZIS didn't win this time..):
This is the only volume in the series containing anything relevant to The Corroseum, though it's worth mentioning that Volume 8 had two Oblachnyj Kraj songs which same versions later appeared on their LP.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NOL - Legkaja Jerotika
  Peculiar schlager-parody/alterno-novelty music.
2. NOL - Tango
  In a perfect world, every 2nd non-Metal band would be Russian tango-punk.
3. KLUB KAVALERA GLJUKA - Vodjanoj Pistolet
  Artsy piano-fueled underground vaudeville soundtrack.
  Lovely altvernative ballet-music!
  Basically the stylistic forefathers of Gogol Bordello.

Side B:
1. N.O.M. - Koroleva-Gadina
  Full-speed yodeling organ-grinder-core.
2. N.O.M. - Poganyj Val's
  Kooky piano-dominated circus-punk with an early Cardiacs-feel.
3. N.O.M. - Nasekomoe
  Same as their 2 previus numbers but in ballad form.
4. KRIZIS - Tolstokozhie [КРИЗИС - Толстокожие]
  Hm, slow & epic Hard Rock never sounded quite to conventional before.. Great and grandiose like the finer, calmer moments of Galaktika or Magnit.
5. KRIZIS - Hrupkij Mir [КРИЗИС - Хрупкий Мир]
  A bit more uptempo and metallic. Great stuff and the comparisons above stand firm.
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