Shooting From The Hip LP 1989
Label: G.I. Records #: GILP 999 Country: England
Info: Compilation of British rock bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ST HELLIER - Terra Firma
  The title track from ST HELLIER's 1989 LP is catchy with a radio-friendly late NWOBHM sound.
2. MOURNBLADE - If You Can't Be Good
  Quite a change from their debut, this sounds more like a lighter MOTORHEAD with Ian Astbury style vocals. Same version that appeared on their 1988 LP.
3. THE GIFT - One Way Need
  Glammy melodic rock.
  Hard blues rock that was intended to appear on their unreleased 1990 LP, Paradise. At A Price. Rereleased in 2010 on a compilation of their collected works.
5. LEGACY - Lil' Misdemeaner
  Extra crappy WHITESNAKE copycats.
6. JACKAL - Tearing Me In Pieces
  Finally some real metal! Power/thrash with some solid riffs and interesting tempo changes, though a bit clumsy at times. While early ANTHRAX was certainly an major influence, the weak production reminds me more of HEATHENS RAGE.
7. GORZALA - Crazy Love
  Underneath those crunchy guitars it's just another boring biker rock song.

Side B:
1. ST HELLIER - Scavenger
  From the opposite end of this band's spectrum we have some fast, almost German sounding metal.
2. MOURNBLADE - Red Hot Reputation
  An awful sleazy mess from their 1988 LP.
3. THE GIFT - Way Of The World
  I wonder if these guys even had hard rock in their minds, or were aiming for something more akin to DURAN DURAN.
4. WHITE LIGHTNING - As Midnight Approaches
  Mostly instrumental melodic guitar piece with some talking, this is an alternate version of the outro to the piece "Frightened Children" on their 1988 LP.
5. LEGACY - Midnight Machine
  This time they rip off GUNS N' ROSES, and they do it just as badly.
6. JACKAL - Tourniquet
  More of a straightforward screechy speed metal number. The band also appeared on the ORGAN17ISM tape compilation with a different track.
7. GORZALA - I Want Your Lovin'
  Generic hard rock that's almost as bad as LEGACY.
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