Shootin' For The Stars LP 1982
Label: Republic Records #: RR 51982 Country: USA
Info: Compilation for Beaumont, Texas radio station KZOM 104 1/2.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RAPID FIRE - Monday Mornin’ Coming Down
  Blues rock.
2. SATYRE - Take It All Away
  Enjoyable NWOAHM with a main riff reminiscent of the early Metal Massacre volumes. The vocals are in more of a hard rock style.
3. AKELA - Sidewalk Ride
  Another heavy rocker, this time with a 70s vibe (coming mainly from the keyboards).
4. WESTWIND - Body Heat
  Awful hard/psych rock.
5. A AVE. RAMBLERS - What A Woman Can Do
  Garage rock with fuzzy southern rock style guitars.
6. GLAYS HATTER - Santa Fe
  Heavy southern rock that is both sloppy and dull.

Side B:
1. BORDERLINE - I’m Leavin
  More garagey southern rock, but unlike A AVE. RAMBLERS these guys make it work.
2. THE REFLECTIONS - Mr. Sunshine
  JIMI HENDRIX influenced hard rock.
3. COMMANDO - I Won’t Be Alone Tonight
  Sleep inducing female fronted pop/rock.
4. INTERSTATE 10 - Nice Girls Don’t Want Nice Boys
  New wave.
5. SCOTT MCGILL BAND - Long Long Time
  Country ballad.
6. SPARE PARTS - Sara Lee Ann
  This country song appears to be a collaboration of other artists on this LP.
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