Scandinavian Metal Attack II LP 1984
Label: RCA/Tyfon #: NL70499 Country: Germany/Sweden
Info: Another mixed bag of Scanda-Metal.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. OZ - Third Warning
  mean Mean MEAN Metal!
2. BISCAYA - Howl In The Sky
  Superb, powerful melodic Metal w/ neo-classical guitarwork.
3. BATHORY - Hades
  Hearing them in the company of more typical HR/HM of the time is quite the reminder of how extreme and ahead of their time they/he were/was.
4. MENTZER - Voodo [sic]
  HR in the Van Halen-vein, though slightly heavier.
5. HIGHSCORE - Knock The Boss
  High-energy HR/proto-Sleaze. Sounds like a chick singing.
6. TRASH - Bombay-Mail
  The kind of hard rock often referred to as "raunchy". Zzz...

Side B:
1. BISCAYA - Rockin' Vehicles
  Mellow, Purple-style HR/Heavy.
2. OZ - Turn The Cross Upside Down
  Simply one of the greatest Scandinavian Metal Anthems of all time.
3. TRASH - Drop And Die
  More "raunchy" HR, now with added slide guitar.
4. BATHORY - War
  You've never experienced BATHORY for real until you've heard them directly after a Trash-song.
5. HIGHSCORE - Power Of Drinks
  Plain Hard Rock I guess is what you'd call it?
6. MENTZER - Russian Roulette
  More straight-forward, heavy HR. Incidently, Mr. Mentzer later sang with both NORDEN LIGHTS and SILVER MOUNTAIN.
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