Scandinavian Metal Attack LP 1984
Label: Tyfon Grammofon
#: WAVE-LP-8008
RCLP 20320
Country: Sweden
Info: Went down in history for giving the world its first sulphuric taste of Black Metal originators Bathory.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. OZ - Fire In The Brain
  One of Scandinavia's most solid HM acts representin'
2. TRASH - Watch Out
  Sleazoid Hard Rock.
3. BATHORY - Sacrifice
  Different to debut LP version. They really sound like Motörhead here, with sicker vocals added. Later featured on the "Jubileum Volume I" CD from 1992.
4. SPITFIRE - Eyes Of The Storm
  Great, powerfull FWOSHM a la Heavy Load, Torch etc. Beats their 7" imo.
5. ZERO NINE - Under The Sun
  Melodic but not completely wimped out HR.

Side B:
1. TRASH - No More Rock Tonight
  Bit heavier but still bland HR.
2. ZERO NINE - Walk Away
  Melodic/radio friendsly HR leaving no lasting impression.
3. OZ - Search Lights
  White Hot Steel From The North! Simple but really powerful Heavy Metal with craploads of punch.
4. SPITFIRE - Crazy Living
  Raging Metal with wild vocals. Actually not too far from the land of Oz (the band)
5. BATHORY - The Return Of The Darkness And Evil
  The fantastic and oh so 'kvlt' mid-pace version. Black Metal rarely got better after this. Later featured on the "Jubileum Volume II " CD from 1992.
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