Satan's Revenge Part II LP 1988
Label: New Renaissance #: NRR48 Country: USA
Info: The last in NRR's long line of underground Metal compilations is also the hardest one to track down these days, probably due to the fact that it featured several acts that would later rise to various degrees of cult stardom within the NewWaveOfDeathMetal scene.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE UNSANE - Necromanic Forces
  Fast, dirty & rabid Deathrash with little identity but it works well enough as an opening song. Sounds like the same version of the song "Necronomic Forces" on their MLP.
2. RIPPING CORPSE - The Unblessed
  Really powerful, fast Thrash Metal that had a later demo vinylized by CCG Underground Records.
3. TEMPTER - Death Is For Burning
  Great brutal Thrash hashing out Infernal Majesty-like minor scale riff-orgies at Sadus-pace. The Aurora IL band, not to be confused w/ the Florida-TEMPTER on Speed Metal Hell II.
4. DAMIEN - Final Day
  The Swedish "Requiem For The Dead" MLP band. Great Thrash riffing craftmanship loosing some of its potential thanx to constipated vox.
  The New Jersey band. The bass guitar is even higher in the mix than on those early Cryptic Slaugher albums and it doesn't do their otherwise decent Thrash any favours. The Evil Dead-movie vocal effect is kinda cool though.
6. ANGKOR WATT - Died Young
  One of the US' best crossover acts, but this demo version of the song turned out a whole lot better on their debut LP.

Side B:
1. NECROVORE - Slaughtered Remains
  Downtuned, BRUTAL stuff that came do define the style we now know as Death Metal. Still lacking that unique X-factor that allowed other bands of the genre to go further, imo. Bootlegged a number of times but not yet officially rereleased to my knowledge.
2. DARKNESS - Armageddon
  As evil'n'wicked as Speed Metal could possibly get without getting labeled Thrash. Later featured in "The Demos" 3LP boxset on High Roller Records.
3. SEVERE WARNING - It's Not Easy To Be The Antichrist
  Occationally a rather original blend of US PowerThrash with proto-DM breaks.
4. MORBID ANGEL - Thy Kingdom Come
  A textbook-example of how a groundbreaking, highly original and ahead-of-their-time band got to spread their first, unique sounds to the masses via a semi-obscure vinyl compilation. Same version as found on their debut 7".
5. VACANT GRAVE - Eternal Nightmare
  Ultrafast, brutal start/stop Thrash with one or 2 too crossover-sounding parts to be labeled proto-DM. Also featured on a very rare private 7".
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