Satan's Revenge LP 1985
Label: New Renaissance #: GWD90536 Country: USA
Info: Demo tracks grabbed from evil-oozing tapes sent to the label from all over the world. The "Skiftu um.." text on the back is either Icelandic or Old Norse, not sure, but it translates roughly "give up your parents' religion and send us all your money". No, me neither..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AXEHAMMER - Axehammer
  Proud OMEN-might at ANVIL-pounding pace. Heavy Metal as it was ment to be played. Later featured as bonus on the "Lord Of The Realm" CD from 1998.
2. CEREBUS - Fight The Beast
  A great, solid Priest/Satan/JJ's Powerhouse NWOBHM-flavoured affair.
3. HEAVY CHAINZZ - Fighting With Satan
  More NWOBHM-vibes from a Danish act this time. Sweet Savage meets Witch Cross in a dark Copenhagen alley.
4. ARTILLERY - Deeds Of Darkness
  Great Doom Metal-intro followed by pissed-off, mean-as-fuck Thrash with a little more malice than your average Bay-Area act of the time. Featured both as bonus track on a "Fear Of Tomorrow" CD reissue as well as the "Deadly Relics" demo anthology CD.
5. DESECRATION - Halloween
  The San Francisco band. Filthy proto-Death Metal in the Possessed-vein that should have all fans of the genre boosting the price- and rarity rating of this comp in no time.

Side B:
1. NME - Of Hell
  Huh? Actually this is just the spoken intro off their LP. Smells like a fuck-up from whoever assembled the final mix for this LP.
2. SNAKEBITE - Shadows Of The Night
  Quite similar to Accept's "Princess Of The Dawn" but not ripped off good enough.
3. HAMMERHEAD - Masters Of Frustration
  Sounds like a poor man's Piledriver. Or Black Death or J Priest or whatever.. Nothing too inspiring..
4. MONOLITH - Night Of Outrage
  Italian Metal at its best. Great wah-wah guitar effects added to fast/slow/unholy Metal bringing out the devilworshipper in all of us.
  Dead-serious pounding Metal falling somewhere between early Manowar and Medieval Steel. Somewhere hereabouts is where we'd all like to stop the clock I'm sure.
6. DESECRATION - Death's Revenge
  More of a Slayer-off-ripper than the last track but still very cutting-edge for its time.
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