São Power LP 1986
Label: Devil Discos #: 803.330 Country: Brazil
Info: Recorded live and released by the usually more punk/hc-oriented Devil Discos. Sounds more like a raw bootleg than a "proper" release and together with the below-par musicianship all bands come off a bit bland and uninspiring, unlike the classic S.P-Metal compilations from the same area.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. AEROMETAL - Limiar Da Manha
  Supersimple, 3-chord Speed Metal like the fastest demo-bands of Europe 1983.
2. SABOTAGEM - Anjos Rebeldes
  Energetic nwobhm-style shorty leaving no lasting impression.
3. MEPHISTO - Psicometal
  Punky, stressful Garage-Metal. The energy is there, but as a whole it's bland.
4. EXCALIBUR - Litanias De Sata
  A bit more energetic but still consistently mediocre type-A mid-80's Metal that just won't inspire any clever comparisons. Not the Excalibur who's previously unreleased '84 album came out on Dies Irae Records a few years back.

Side B:
1. ANARCA - Powermetal
  More hardcore punk-sounding than Power Metal. The only thing making it qualify for the Metal-pidgeonhole being the absence of the classic 'D-beat' drums.
2. AVENGER - Usinas Nucleares
  Fast, almost Venom-like Metal. Once again it sounds very punky, here in part thanx to a somewhat catchy melodic-HC-style chorus. Same band as featured on the first S.P. Metal comp.
3. IMPROVISO - Deuses De Marfin
  These guys play waaay faster than their limited musical skills allow them and it totally ruins the few competent Power Metal-leads in there.
4. MAMMOTH - Headbandger [sic]
  The most "ambitious" style so far and you can tell this could have been a great Epic/semi-progressive piece in the M Fate-meets-Cloven Hoof vein if it weren't for another chaotic and very untight performance. Same band who did the "Possesso" 7" in '85.
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