Santa Barbara 1988 Collection 1 Vol. 1 LP 1988
Label: J.E.R. Records #: LPJER103 Country: USA
Info: Compilation of local metal bands from Santa Barbara, CA.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. OVER DRIVE - Another Girl
  Cheesy party rock featuring future UGLY KID JOE singer Whitfield Crane.
2. RAGER - Final Hour
  Melodic power/prog similar to HEIR APPARENT.
3. APPARITION - Blind Faith
  Thrash metal with eccentric vocals, like a sloppy NASTY SAVAGE.
4. WITNESSES - I'm A Rocker
  Fairly heavy guitars, but too often it resembles the same old bland blues-based hard rock as played by GREAT WHITE and the like.
5. THE INSANE - You Can Dance
  Alternative metal like FAITH NO MORE but lacking a single iota of talent.

Side B:
1. MYTHIASIN - Winged Astral Dreams
  Named for singer Rik Mythiasin who would later front STEEL PROPHET. Not unlike that band's early material, but with more of a Metal Blade sound.
2. RAGER - Remember
  Another winner in the same style as their first track.
3. FIRST STRIKE - Ripped To Shreds
  Fast-paced thrash metal. Not terrible, but it certainly doesn't add anything to the genre.
4. WITNESSES - Take Back The Night
  The second offering from this band is more consistent, bringing to mind early KEEL or a less commercial BLACK N BLUE.
5. LOST KITTENZ - Sex Machine
  Old school punky glam with shades of FASTER PUSSYCAT.
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