San Jose Rocks! Volume One LP 1988
Label: IM Records #: IM-010 Country: USA
Info: Compilation of California artists presented by BAM (Bay Area Musicians). Comes with a 5 page booklet, which is not so much a booklet as it is promo flyers for PULL MY FINGER, MODERN ART, LIVING END, OBLIVION and DETONATOR stapled together.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. STILETTO - Crooked Crosses
  Nice galloping NWOBHM style riffs mixed with an early Metal Blade sound, similar to their track on Speed Metal Hell but with the hooks that that track was sorely lacking. STILETTO also appeared on the Slaves To Rock compilation.
2. PULL MY FINGER - Time Square
  Punk rock like THE DEAD MILKMEN.
3. DETONATOR - Pit And The Pendulum
  Plodding thrash with clean vocals, a bit like ATTILA. The BLACK SABBATH style break in the middle is interesting at least.
4. NO WARNING - The Most Selfish Act
  Crossover thrash that isn't too bad when they aren't trying to play as fast as humanly possible. Sounds like CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER with occasional demonic backing vocals like DEICIDE used on their debut. Different to album version and later reissued on CD.
5. MODERN ART - Dark Side
  Punky new wave.
6. CARYL & SWING PARTY - Can't Wait

Side B:
1. HORIZON - Hit Below The Belt
  Yet another Vince Neil wannabe on vocals, but thankfully the music is a bit heavier and overall it sounds quite good and catchy.
2. THE LIVING END - Cast No Shadows
  Like a hard rock version of THE RAMONES.
3. KYLLROI - Venemous Kiss
  For a few seconds it sounds like it's going to be another MOTLEY CRUE clone, but it quickly turns into an interesting song with power metal elements and a dark atmosphere similar to TYRANT (USA).
4. THE BY AND BY - Plains Of Glory
  Folk rock.
  Proto-grunge hard rock.
6. OBLIVION - Social Disease
  Thinly produced thrash metal with eccentric vocals that sounds a bit like RIPPER during the slow parts and DESTRUCTION when they speed up. Does not appear to be any of the "known" bands that used this moniker.
7. CELL DIVISION - Certain Someone
  Vaguely gothic indie rock.
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