Russian Rock-91 CD 1991
Label: Melodia #: SUCD 60-00286 Country: USSR
Info: Russian title: "Русский Рок-91"
Yes, believe it or not but during their last months of existance, Old Soviet's 1-and-only record label Melodia actually released a couple of Compact Discs (!). This is one of the very few (3?) HM/HR-related releases I'm aware of. 4-page booklet w/ band info on the inside.
UPDATE: As it turns out, the DEMARSH trax are actually taken from their 1991 LP, so no exclusive material on this entry I'm afraid. Let's keep it around as a cool oddity anyways :)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. DEMARSH - You'll Be The First
  Slow paced yet bloodfilled Russian Melodic Hard Rock/HM like the finer moments of BLACK COFFEE, AUGUST or STADION.
2. DEMARSH - The Last Train
  Pounding, catchy Hard Rock a la PURPLE/WHITESNAKE with Eastern Block poise.
3. DEMARSH - Gloria
  "power" ballad.
4. NEBESNOYE ELECTRICHESTVO - Amorphous Bodies March
  Unfortunately not an unknown CCCP Metal-discovery, this is quirky prog/wave rock. Cool carnival/XTC/Cardiacs-like luwliness nonetheless.
  Haunting & unique Cardiacs/Už Jsme Doma-style yummy weirdness.
  More laid-back & jazzpoppy.
7. NOVY ZAVET [a.k.a. NEW TESTAMENT] - Alleluia
  ALL Metal song starting off with chanting monks must rule by default. Simple but enticing "Semi-Doom" HR reminding me of THE OBSESSED.
8. NOVY ZAVET - Of Your Own Free Will
  Late 70's Sabbath riffs & quirks gone through the 'Eastern' treatment of degroovefication. Result is good.
9. NOVY ZAVET - The Mercy Of Peace
  Stale, menacing Evil Metal-machinery. (All 3 contributions taken from their debut LP "Halleluyah")
10. KRASSNY RASSVET - Superman
  Monotonous mid-pace Metal/HR crunch that still gets your head nodding.
11. KRASSNY RASSVET - They Are Leaving
  Slightly more dramatic & Purplesque HR.
12. KRASSNY RASSVET - Mom, I Fell In Love
  Probably supposed to be "groovy" & "feel-good" but comes off more as "Robotic" ...which equals "Kult" in my book. (All 3 contributions taken from their '90 s/t LP)
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