Roksnax LP 1980
Label: Guardian Records 'n Tapes #: GR C80 Country: England
Info: The first of 3 classic Guardian Rec comps, featuring some really heavy material for it's time.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SAMURAI - Die Or Deliver
  Metallic NWOBHM at it's most fresh. Not to be confused w/ the Ebony Records-act.
  70's Hard Rock w/ a slight Led Zep-vibe.
3. SARACEN - Speed Of Sound
  Sounds like a faster Bitches Sin w/ added high-pitched vocals from Lou Taylor, later in Blind Fury. Outstanding song w/ some fantastic twin leads. Perhaps the best band on the album and in no way related to the "Heroes, Saints & Fools" guys.
4. HOLLOW GROUND - Fight With The Devil
  Here they start to show their more Metallic side. Great pounding stuff in the Sweet Savage/Saxon vein.
5. SAMURAI - Temptress
  High-energy Metal w/ some great rhythms like J Priest anno 1976.
6. SARACEN - Fast Livin
  More 70's Priest-vibes, now with their very own Rob Halford on vox! Very tasty rocker chock-full of hooks.

Side B:
1. HOLLOW GROUND - Flying High
  An underground classic. Brave, swordwaving, into-battle-riding Heavy Metal of the absolute highest order.
2. SARACEN - Feel Just The Same
  More basic, boogie Hard Rock here.
3. SAMURAI - Knights In Painted Castles
  Very genre-typical NWOBHM in a Diamond Head-meets-TOPT sort of way.
4. HOLLOW GROUND - The Holy One
  Showing a heavier, more menacing side here, like a mix of Holocaust and early Witchfynde.
5. SAMURAI - Spirits Of The Lost
  Slightly more upbeat & mellow than their previous songs, yet still w/ some raw R'n'R moments.
6. SARACEN - Setting The World Ablaze
  Solid Diamond Head/Raven/Savage-like fast NWOBHM.
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