KAZY: Rocky Mountain Riffs CD 1992
Label: Rocky Mountain Records #: N/A Country: USA
Info: Twelve years after Thunder On The Mountain, Denver radio station KAZY released what I believe is their second and last local artist compilation. Lineups for each artist are listed on the inside. (back of booklet)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. NUVUDU - Gimmie Your Keys
  Remember all those funk-infused blues rock bands in the early nineties? You probably wish you forgot, and here's why.
2. WINDOWPANE - Bloodology
  More funkiness, but at least they pick up the pace on this instrumental making it sound more like something INFECTIOUS GROOVES would have done. This was rereleased on the Retrovision CD under the name WP.
3. ALTER EGO - Running After You
  Mellow pomp rock that could have been decent if it weren't trying so hard to be radio friendly (an attempt which might have worked in '85).
4. THIRD MIST - Hold Me In The Morning
  Cringe-inducing glam with a horn section.
5. BELIEVER - Lookin' Out
  Soft acoustic rock.
6. ALIBI - Can't Believe
  Hard rock ballad with a vocalist similar to Paul Shortino (ROUGH CUTT).
7. INTENSE - Takes Time
  Another ballad? It's like they're trying to put you to sleep.
8. HEARTS OF STONE - When You Leave
  OK, it's a power ballad and the singer sounds like a female Mike Tramp, but the guitars are fairly heavy once it gets going making for a pleasant change. Also known as BECKON CALL.
9. CRAZY MS. DAZEY - Bishops
  Now we're talking! Classy melodic power metal like an all female FIFTH ANGEL, or maybe a less heavy MASQUE.
10. NIGHTBREED - Woman From Hell
  Straightforward hard rock, occasionally leaning slightly toward metal.
11. FEAR OF SLEEP - Have Not (Got The Time)
  Somewhat grungy hard rock.
12. RENEGADE - Mystical Spell
  Barely scrapes by on the metal meter, but it doesn't matter as it's still worthless and weak.
13. HANGMAN JURY - Guilty
  Amateur melodic/L.A. style metal. I suppose all these bands are amateurs, but this band puts it right in your face.
14. MERCENARY - On The Outside
  The CD finishes off on another weak note with some subdued glam.
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