Rock The Nation LP 1985
Label: Skyline Records #: 120 840 Country: Austria
Info: Collection of HR/HM unknowns from upper Austria, sponsored by McDonalds (!?). Both sides end with a McDonalds jingle and included in the sleeve is a voucher for a Big Mac at McDonalds in Linz.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SAVAGE - Here We Come
  Fast, snappy NWOBHM-style standard but with a few more twists & turns than their UK namesakes. We could have lived without the most extravagant antics of the vocalist though.
2. SAVAGE - All I Say
  A bit more commercial sounding. Average HR.
3. ASR COMPANY - Viking's Massacre [misspelt "Viking's Massacer"]
  At first this song felt horribly mistitled, but this actually does sound very Scandinavian, so I guess the Viking-reference isn't entirely off. Amateur melodic HR/NWOHM with an obscure feel a la Roquefire, demo-Silver Mountain and various more melodic Pang Rec.-contenders..
4. ASR COMPANY - Since You Walked Away

Side B:
1. TRUCK - Menschenkiller
  A zombie-intro quickly leads to the Most Metal highlight of the album. It's basically Blitzkrieg with German vocals - which must be good, right?
2. TRUCK - Gnadenlos
  The average vocals doesn't quite manage to carry this more melodic attempt at NWOBHM-fandom.
3. T.A. ROCK - Der Rock'n'Roll Schlagt Zua
  Boogie-Metal with mean vocals and some charming moments of riff-gold.
4. T.A. ROCK - Wild Women
  Possibly an attempt to sound like Motörhead but this is way too lazy - it's simply not Belgian enough!
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