Rockslaget 3LP 1981
Label: Sound Of Scandinavia #: RSL-1 Country: Sweden
Info: Compiled by the music organization/festival organizers with the same name, located in Karlshamn, Sweden (translation: 'The Rockbattle'). They also released at least 3 comps in the early '90s (Rockslaget 1990, 1991 and 1992) but nothing I've heard on those would make them qualify for this page.
It's not only the sheer size of this album that makes it unusual, the focus on more underground forms of music is also very rare for these kind of releases, at least in early 80's Sweden. Punk, Metal, synth/goth and new wave collectors all have good reasons to put it on their wantlist and it rarely turns up for sale these days.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. UNTER DEN LINDEN - Medvetandets Gränser
  New wave/synth.
2. UNTER DEN LINDEN - Hämningar
  A bit punkier a la early Joy Division.
3. RUM 237 - Agera
  Darkwave/synth with fem vox.
4. RUM 237 - Mannen & Djuret
  A girl-fronted Legendary Pink Dots? I like.
5. ABC 80 - Sista Gången
6. ABC 80 - Automatisk Telefonsvarare
  New wave.

Side B:
1. LANCELOT - Den Galna Världen
  New wave/goth.
2. LANCELOT - Pilgrimsfärd
  Dark new wave.
3. SILVIA KIDS - Kärlekens Ögon
  New wave/pop.
4. SILVIA KIDS - Stockholm Är Fullt Av Vackra Flickor
5. SÄPO - Sömnlösa Nätter
  Alternative rock.
6. SÄPO - Neutronbomb
  Slow, dark powerpop/punk.

Side C:
1. OVERDRIVE - Damnation Angel
  Mellow but classy Hard Rock with a catchy chorus.
2. OVERDRIVE - Tonight
  Good earliest FWOSHM with obvious British influences. These recordings later appeared on the CD reissue of their "Reflexions" MLP.
3. MERCY - State Of Shock
  Pure "NWOBHM" like a poor man's Saxon or TOPT. Different to "Swedish Metal" MLP version.
4. MERCY - Love Me Tonight
  Slow, stomping Hard Rock though not Doom just yet. Pretty bland stuff, but these are the only studio recordings of Mercy not yet rereleased, so I guess it makes them semi-interesting.
5. INTERACTION - Stuck In Drugs
  Raw, crushing Heavy/Doom quite reminiscent of WF General! The cool & laid-back chorus adds some great contrast. Best song on comp. (Their later releases never reached this level of heaviness by a longshot)
6. INTERACTION - It's Right
  Boogie-metal a la Vardis, Chevy etc..

Side D:
1. KALLE BOLLTRÄ - Discoråtta
  Cool pub-punk w/ anti-disco lyrics.
2. KALLE BOLLTRÄ - Reggae Neger
  Anti-reggae reggae.
3. A-BOMBS - Vardag
  Punk rock.
4. A-BOMBS - Jakt
  Punk with some HR soloing on top.
5. OCEAN - Endstation
  Hard Rock with a simplified punk-edge. They also had an LP + a couple of singles out, but this is heavier than most of those recordings..
6. OCEAN - Backstage
  A bit more boogie in this one, but not in a tired & dated way.

Side E:
1. SVEA SVIN - Jag Vill Knulla Med Dig
  Punk w/ a great, raw guitartone.
2. SVEA SVIN - Vi Klarar Oss Ändå
3. NYX NEGATIV - Proudness
  More punk, and more brutal this time.
  Raw UK-style punk/oi.
5. SNORET RINNER - Josefssons Katt
  Slow, simple punk rock.
6. SNORET RINNER - Kriminell
7. SVEA SLAKTHUS - Vår Ruttna Värld
  Cliché'd punx.
8. SVEA SLAKTHUS - Allmän Värnplikt
  Pretty cool for just being dumb punk.

Side F:
1. ROMAN HOLIDAY - Repulse
  Uptempo new wave. Neat chorus.
2. ROMAN HOLIDAY - Drömmar
  New wave.
3. AVEC L'AMOUR - Kalla Kärleken
  Poppy post-punk.
4. AVEC L'AMOUR - Motivation
5. THE RUDE BOYS - Rastaland
6. THE RUDE BOYS - Bohmans Barn
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