Rock Rock Rock LP 1984
Label: Fritid Stockholm #: FSVD 1 Country: Sweden
Info: Government sponsored compilation of local artists from Västerort (West Stockholm).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CHIVAZ - Hold On
  Melodic hard rock/glam sounding like an amateur ACE FREHLEY with more keyboards.
2. SEXX - Are You Ready
3. EXOCET - Will To Survive
  The music is solid OVERDRIVE style metal, but damn those are some dreadful vocals. They could have had some real potential with a better singer.
  New wave.

Side B:
1. CORDIAL ATTACK - I'm In Your Mind
  Unremarkable metal-by-numbers.
2. BONAROO - Get Out Of My Way
  The oddly named BONAROO take the riff from DEF LEPPARD's "Wasted" and add a touch of heaviness. Not very original, but it works!
3. FARBROR ARG - Madonnor
4. COOL RUNNINGS - Join In A Big Family
  Awful reggae "rock".
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