Rock Pretty LP 1984
Label: Heavy Metal Records #: HMRLP 25 Country: England
Info: Metalheads would be understandably wary of this compilation. However, this is England in 1984 so the glam scene still has a strong connection with punk, and at least one band has some real metal in them.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE GRIP - Two Hearts
  Hard rock/glam with a KISS style chorus.
2. THE BABYSITTERS - Rock En Roll Chicken
  Goofy punk/sleaze.
3. MARIONETTE - Gettin' Sticky (Over The Girl Next Door)
  Awful party rock.
4. AUNT MAY - Flesh Of The Devil
  The vocals are pretty sleazy, but there is some decent NWOBHM riffing resulting in a sound similar to early W.A.S.P.
5. NAPALM HEARTS - Little Miss Teazer
  It's probably just the muffled sound, but at times this sounds like NASTY SAVAGE. The glam chorus and their other track are dead giveaways though.

Side B:
1. MARIONETTE - You Better Believe It
  Surf punk meets Hollywood sleaze.
2. THE BABYSITTERS - The Beard Song
  Barbershop quartet parody.
3. NAPALM HEARTS - Suzy (Was A Live Wire)
  Glam power ballad with fairly heavy guitars. Might not be too bad except there's that awful production again.
4. AUNT MAY - Respect The Dead
  After a promising doomy introduction, the song quickly degenerates into your standard punky sleaze metal.
5. THE GRIP - Tension
  More KISS worship.
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