Rock Panorama 87 (3) LP 1988
Label: Melodia #: C60 27211 005 Country: USSR
Info: Russian title: Рок-панорама-87 (3)
Recorded live at the festival w/ the same name.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ROUND - Save The City
  Ac/Dc meets a more mellow Accept. Not my bag, sorry.
2. GALAKTIKA - From Vinnitsa To Venice
  Shamelessly catchy/commercial chorus, but these guys knew how to still create great, interesting music & songs.
3. ANTIS - Zombi
4. BRAVO - Why Were You Born
  Trad R'n'R.

Side B:
1. ARIA - Without You
  Out of all their great material of course they had to pick a ballad. OK, it's pretty good as far as ballads go, but still...
2. CARNAVAL - Bridges
  Rock ballad.
3. ROCK ATELJE - We Know
4. BLACK COFFEE - Where Is The Answer!
  Pretty decent Hard Rock in the Scorpions-vein, but imo these guys always were the #1 most overrated Russian band.
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