Rock On, Roll On LP 1983
Label: Pang Records #: PLP 020 Country: Sweden
Info: Read more on the Pang Records compilations and what they were about here.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SPLIT VISION - Låt Mig Bli Din I Natt
2. SPLIT VISION - Pretty Handsome Boy
3. EVIL KNIGHTS - Song Of Liberty
  Pop/Rock. If only they'd been Metal... I would have been a die-hard fan for the band-name alone.
4. EVIL KNIGHS - Back To Reality
  Here they're suddenly semi-hard rock w/ a Hendrix-vibe.
5. SPEKTRA - Lugna Gatan
  Instrumental rock.
6. SPEKTRA - Rio
  Instrumental rock.
7. PARTNERS - Hon Kan Aldrig Vända Om (Lyin' Eyes)
8. PARTNERS - If You Got It
  Gordon Lightfoot cover.

Side B:
1. VANADIS - Love's A Pain
  Pretty darn good & original progressive rock.
2. VANADIS - It's All Over
  More great progressive. Classy!
3. SUCCESS - You Got Me
  Plain, rather boring Hard Rock.
4. SUCCESS - Suicide
  Simplified Metal with bland vocals, but it has a nice, pounding beat and comes out as a cool track.
5. TZ - Du Och Ja
  Hideously out-of-tune guitars on the chorus, but in some way it makes their homespun Hard Rock sound more original. Funny one.
6. TZ - Girls
  Anther wanton hardrocker with a boogie beat. Not complete crap.
7. LAZY - Darkness
  Groovy 70's Metal (well, they sing about Heavy Metal, so..) reminding me of Ohio-acts Jagged Edge and later Mistreater. Not nearly as great though.
8. LAZY - Mountains
  More of the same.
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