Rock Of Sweden - Volume 1 LP 1989
Label: Hex Records #: ANTLP 8001 Country: Sweden
Info: Compiled and produced by Jonas Hansson of SILVER MOUNTAIN and released on his/their own label. No further volumes were released.
While I wouldn't cathegorize this as a Metal compilation, I'll be diplomatic enough to recognize that there has at least been a modicum of quality control here, so demanding fans of aor and melodic hard rock ought to enjoy this one quite a lot.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  aor of the very typical Swedish 80's brand.
2. TRAZY - See The Light
  A great Heavy/Power number sounding like a faster/heavier Silver Mountain or other upper-tier countrymen like Proud, Sadwings, Rising Force etc..
3. BABY BLUE - Always Blue
  Fem-fronted mainstream hr.
4. ESPINOZA - Without You
  aor killed extra dead by loud keyboards.
5. NEW BRAND - Lonely
  Slow, pounding melodic hr that would almost have qualified as decent melodic Metal if it weren't for the sappy "why did you leave me baby"-lyrics and schmalzy production.
6. EYES - Rain Of Tears
  A "Man On The Silver Mountain"-type lead riff, a general Dio-vibe and lots of guitars. Not bad melo-Metalrock.

Side B:
1. Jonas Hansson - Stratovarius
  Neo-classical guitar-instrumental from the producer.
2. PRIME TOUCH - Crank Up The Light
  Sort of groovy melodic hr.
3. SQUEALER - Roads To Nowhere
4. HEARTLINE - Two Hearts
  Slick, poppy/pompy aor.
5. PRIDE - Over Again
  Classy, almost decent aor/melo-hr(!)
6. SILVER MOUNTAIN - Paradise Smile
  Even on their softy, aor:ish "Roses & Champange" there's moments of class and a solemn Metal streak in some tracks that's missing among most of their contemporaries.
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