Rock Meets Metal [volume 3] LP 1988
Label: Reaction Records #: UNREST 6 Country: England
Info: Certainly one of the most obscure (and rare) of the infamous, later Ebony/Reaction rec compilations. Like with "volume 2", nowhere on the album does it say that this is part of a series, but at least up to this point their discography is documented well enough to verify that this is indeed the third volume ...and probably the last, but with this label I guess we'll never really know for sure. Musically chok-full of lameo aor and such, but all intentions considered a "Hard Rock and Heavy Metal" release.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NO FAVORS - A Hard Act To Follow
  Slick, pompy & commercial aor.
2. TWICE SHY - Run Like A Wolf
  A more aor'y Bon Jovi?
3. BISMO KLUX - Dead & Gone
  My finely tuned Swedish-pronunciation-detecting ears can't help thinking this might be a Swedish act, but I'm probably way off. A slow/fast/rumbling yet nice enough olde Euro-HR/HM tune with good'n'talented vocals.
4. PROWLER - Running For Freedom
  Rough yet melodic guitar harmonies, an upbeat tempo and a simple, catchy "woo-ooh" chorus = post-NWOBHM good enough for me.
  Mischievous, uppety Hard Rock that doesn't come off as sleazy as (I guess) intended.
6. MYSTRESS - Unchain The Heart
7. VERRA CRUZ - When Dreams Come True
  Mellow, mainstream "hard rock".

Side B:
2. AVARICE - So Cold
  Melodic hard rock.
3. KNIGHTHAWK - Neon Dreams
  Clumsy, chaotic and extremly headache-inducing Heavy/HR with awfully out-of-tune AND untight guitars. Come to think of it, this might just be one of the most useless pieces of music I've ever heard in my life.
  Feel-good HR.
5. SLEEZE PATROL - Pussy Galore
  Oversimple Glam-HR.
6. T.R.B. - Baby Rose
  A pretty cool and unlikely successful mix of fast, classic NWOBHM and Sleaze Metal (?) Yeah, I know, but compared to most other contenders here... The Italian band a.k.a. Tirrenia Rock Band, who later released the "Love On The Rocks" LP in 1991.
7. DEADLINE - Lost At Sea
  Gruffy Thrash that sounds like a primitive, early CORONER with a touch of DEATHWISH.
8. INTERPOL - Sudden Impact
  Sweaty, working-class garage-Thrash with a cool break or 2 + silly/mean vocals. In a different universe, these guys would have made a pretty kult split-LP with DEADLINE on Metalworks Records.
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