Rock Meets Metal - Volume II LP 1987
Label: Ebony Records #: EBON S105 Country: England
Info: The volume with the largest amount of familiar names + for once we're blessed with a minimum of band info: the country of origin. "Volume II" is printed on the spine only.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CZAKAN - Tears In My Eyes
  Americanized guitar-driven melodic Hard Rock in the style of Icon.
2. ANNEXE - Shadows Of Insanity
  Same same, but a tad more youthful and amateurish.
3. ALLEGIANCE - Waiting For The Bomb
  A great, ballsy HM hit in the vein of Lizzy Borden or CJSS.
4. WILD PUSSY - Feel Fire
  Same old wild power-Pussys we recognize from their awesome MLP, but here in their sloppy and rough demo-days. Wiggly rhythm section and unpolished vox aside it's still a great Power Metal tune on the inside.
5. 7TH ERA - Is Anybody Out There?
  Sounds decievingly mainstream and dull at first bars, yet by the chorus this song blooms into a great, catchy melo-NWOBHM-hit.
6. STEEL - I Still Want You
  Oh yes, this sound unmistakedly Swedish alright. The kind of homely amateur-hour stuff like early Gotham City or all those Pang Rec.-bands that the guys in Helvetets Port would worship.
7. EZY MEAT - Warrior
  Heavy headbanging crunch that's a bit more Holocaust/Pentagram-flavoured than their album material.

Side B:
1. ETERNITY - Children Of The Sun
  Åland's greatest son Lars Eric Mattsson impresses with slick Scandinavian guitar & keys and a fists-in-the-air feel.
2. TARYN - Self Destruct
  Bwaahahaha!! Completely lobotomized 'Special Needs'-Thrash like a spastic mix of Torn Flesh and Bombarder. Must - be - heard!
3. JEALOUS - Tell Me Lies
  Behind the generic band name hides a surprisingly solid piece of good'n'ready, riff-powered Steel.
4. MAXIMUS THRAXX - Vault Of The Disciple
  Automaton-Thrash wrapped in barbed wire. So generic it almost turns back into original (..and maybe even ejoyable?) Same band who had 2 other tracks featured on The Bailey Brothers Present: Diminished Responsibility comp from the same year.
5. TRANSMISSION - No Reason, No Rhyme
  ...and so we're back in mundane keyboard-HR land. Good thing I'm a sucker for a little melancholy.
6. BLACK RIDERS - Adiction [sic]
  Simple, upbeat riff-rock that does the trick.
7. UNREAL TERROR - Pullin' The Switch
  I still can't believe they managed to make such an underproduced and dreary full-length album (including this song) after having produced such a stellar Mini-LP one year before. Sloppy dime-a-dozen HM.
8. CREAM SODA - Just Sixteen
  Feel-good mellow HR nonsense.
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