Rockmapa 4 CD 1992
Label: Best I.A. #: J1 0026-2 311 Country: Czech Republic
Info: After the reorganization of the Supraphon label in the early 90's, most planned rock-releases got scrapped so the planned "Rockmapa 3" LP never saw the light of day. Instead Best I.A. jumped straight to #4 and released this on CD only in '92. Unlike the 2 previous volumes this one does include plenty of exclusive recordings. 12-page booklet with band pix + info: 1 2 3 4 5.

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(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. EXEKUTOR - Symfonie Smrti II.
  Straight-ahead angry thrash like Schizo../Beneath..-era Sepultura with a twist of Czech bile.
2. ANARCHUS - XX Large - Don't Feed "ADIS"
3. DOGA - Svatá Inkvizice
  A long, intricate, slick and epic sound with classic raspy Czech vocals. What's not to like?
4. VIRUS - Brousím Si Kosu Na Tvý Vlasy
  With Executor nicking the title of their 7" A-side, I guess they had to settle with the B-side. Tighter, more high-end but less unique than their genre-mates above.
5. BORON - Milosrdná Prázdnota
  A heavy blend of Accept and Iron Maiden with more of those lovely 'extra-Czech' vox. Excellent!
6. MESSALINA - Šakal
  Good fast/slow/fast PowerThrash stock.
7. GUNS - Chci Tě Mít Dál
  Jovi-fied ballad for the girls in the audience.
8. INA & RING - Karlín
  Radio-friendly hard rock with fem vox.
9. VZTEKLEJ DĚDEK - Král A Klaun
  If the tempo wasn't dragging behind as much this would have been pretty action-packed Hard Rock, but no, not quite...
10. MAC BETH - Galaxy
  Pompy, melodic Metal sounding like a mix of Scorpions and your Russian Melodia-band of choice.
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