Rocklet '88 LP 1989
Label: Opus #: 9113 2118 Country: Czechoslovakia
Info: Seems to be the creation of a music organization with the same name, but that's about all I can decrypt from the long, czech text on the back sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. COLOR BOX - Návrat Lásky
  aor/mellow HR.
2. MONTE ROSA - Sidliskové Manekýnky
  Depeche Mode?
3. KRAKATIT - Drobné V Vreckách
  Tradition HR/HM attempting some Dio-like moves. Tuneless vocals ruin it.
4. KYKLOP - Zaba... Kvá-Kvá... Kvalita
  Jazzy pop.
5. TRALALA BAND - Spomienka Na Preteky
  More popjazz.
6. ALIAS - Pojednanie
7. MODUL - Dejiny
  Purple-style Hard Rock. Far from the worst I've heard in this "genre".

Side B:
1. BASTA FIDLI - Luxus Rýchlych Lások
2. VABANK - Falosný Svet Radosti
3. MAKAR ČUDRA - Strasiak V Hlave
  Epic melodic Hard Rock? Not total Metal, but not melodic in the wimpy sense either. Very likeable, but not nearly as great as their crazy rare 7".
4. L.E.S. - Tak To Nie
5. CHVM - Musia Ekonomika
  Curious new wave-meets-Zappa stuff with eastern scales and weird keys. Can't help but dig this..
6. SLOVAKIA - Staci Sa Obrátit
  More epic Hard Rock/Melodic HM of the kind that those old EastEuro-bands always did best.
7. SLNIECKO - Ludivit Stúr
  "Humourus" rock?
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