Rocking Soviet LP 1987
Label: Antenna/Just In Distribution #: 100 30/JD 10 Country: France
Info: Titled "Rock'in Soviet" on the labels and sometimes listed this way. One of the first "Perestroikaploitation"-compilations and the one with the most left-field/underground material. Once again the French are responsible. Innersleeve w/ lyrics in French, while band names + titles are written in Russian and French on the back sleeve. A 7" with 2 of the D.K. tracks were also made.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TELEVIZOR - Rassasié Jusqu'à La Gueule
  New wave-reggae.
2. KINO - Maman L'Anarchie
3. CENTER - Séquelles
  Quirky new wave.
4. TELEVIZOR - Patrie D'Illusions
  Smooth-jazzy yet edgy rock/wave.
5. KINO - Train De Banlieue
  Rhythmic new wave.
6. OBLATCHNY KRAÎ - Accès Ultra-Schizoïde
  The Corroseum will never miss a chance to hype this very unique & intriguing band. Pre-Svobody Zahoteli?-O.K. would perhaps not be considered 100% Metal by western standards, but they were always more at home in this genre than any other and an old TV interview from around this time confirms that they considered themselves "Russian Metal". Here they're raw & bloody raging Ruckus-Metal with arms flailing in the most exotic directions. A more controlled version of this song appeares on their "Ублюжья доля"[Ublyujya Dolya] album from 1984.

Side B:
1. D.K. - Discours...
  Spoken intro.
2. D.K. - Le Club Des Jeunes
  Robotic synth/wave.
3. D.K. - Le Vermouth Rose Et Trouble
  Minimal synth/wave.
4. D.K. - Discours...
  More dialogue..
5. D.K. - Le Rock De La Petite Reine
  New wave w/ a touch of dub.
6. D.K. - Honnêtement
  Noisy instrumental new wave.
7. KALINOV MOST - De Bon Matin
  Rock ballad w/ Russian frenziness.
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