Rock From The Heart Of Europe LP 1991
Label: Breakin' Records #: 39.101 Country: Austria
Info: The second compilation on the label, and imho a more interesting and superior release than the one before (especially so if you're a fan of more melodic HM).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MAJESTY - Liar
  I guess this is rather typical early 90's Metal, i.e. slick, pompy and sounding quite a bit like Queensrÿche.
2. MAJESTY - We Trust
  More 'rÿce-salutations, or perhaps more in line with their heavier clones like Heir Apparent or Lethal.
3. MAJESTY - Seems Like Dying
  A ballad, but of the more pompous & metallic brand rather than the sweet & icky.
4. CLASSICA - Just A Single Word
  The same excellent, darkened neo-classical Power Metal as on their Garazs-contribution, sounding like Adramelch with a Scandinavian guitar hero.
5. CLASSICA - You Are The Wonder Yourself
  A heavier tune, still reminding of Adramelch but here with a nod to the ever-so-popular Queensrÿche.
6. CLASSICA - Fanatic
  Back to fast, melodic Power Metal without falling behind qualitywise.

Side B:
1. BIG SHOT - The Price
  Not sure if they wanna be B*n J*vi or G'n'R, but they end up sounding like country rock.
2. BIG SHOT - Early Morning Blues
  HR power/semi-ballad.
3. BIG SHOT - Can't Stop
  Sounds like a more timid Möley Crüe.
4. RUFF STUFF - The Flood
  Hard to tell what to expect from a band name like Ruff Stuff but this time we lucked out. Great, speedy Power Metal with equal parts Iron Maiden and Running Wild inside.
5. RUFF STUFF - Stop The Time
  An early Fates Warning-sounding, rather progsy number where the shortcomings of the vocalist start to shine through.
6. RUFF STUFF - Believe And Look
  Their most straight-forward effort. US-style melodic HM.
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