Rock Från Havet LP 1986
Label: Mixett Prod AB #: MXLP 16 Country: Sweden
Info: Rock'n'Pop from the island of Gotland off the Swedish east coast. The title translates "Rock From The Sea".

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CAPONE - Take Me To Heaven
  Poppy aor.
2. CAPONE - Home At Last
  Laid back, funky rock/pop.
3. AISLE - Tonight
4. AISLE - Relax
  Mellow melodic HR/aor.
5. GASTON BROS - Tiden Rinner
  Slick 80's radio-rock.
6. CHALLENGER - The Strong Will Survive
  Slow, pounding (and slightly stumbling) Metal with powerful harmonies but lacking in energy.
7. CHALLENGER - Fatal War
  Fast double-bass-drum-fueled Power Metal like ANGUS or early HELLOWEEN. A bit sloppy and the vocals are a bit off but occationally it really does shine. Stuff like this was rare as hens' teeth in Sweden back in '86 = Xtra credits.

Side B:
1. BÄCK GROUP - Rock'n Roll Fantasy
  Plain, melodic HR/Rock.
2. BÄCK GROUP - Lazy
  Blues Rock
3. BASIC STRUT - Bwana Ku Ku
  Afro-rock with a ska-beat.
4. BASIC STRUT - Mayonaise
  Instrumental funk-rock.
5. RAKITIS - Det Vackra Folket
6. RAKITIS - Älskar Du Mig
  Alternative rock.
7. BARFOTA BAND - Till Den Sista Vargen
  Rock ballad.
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