Rock For Peace LP 1987
Label: Balkanton #: BTA 12133 Country: Bulgaria
Info: The first HR/HM-related vinyl release from Bulgaria.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Pretty great aor/pomp/rock with that trademark EastEuro somber tone.
2. THE CRICKETS - At The Main Entrance
  Soft rock.
3. THE CRICKETS - Presentiment
  aor/pomp rock.
4. CLASS - One Man
  Mellow pop-rock.
5. AHAT - Farwell, Childhood
  This song has more of a Marillion-style symphonic HR taste to it than their Melodic-Balkan-Metal-to-be, but fans of their seminal "The March" LP should still recognize themselves and enjoy it.

Side B:
1. FACTOR - How Can War Become A Dream
  Pompy, melancholic, symphonic/progressive Hard Rock. Pretty lightweight productionwise and hardly "Metal" per se, but slightly heavier than the A-side openers and way too dark to be written off as mere pomp rock.
2. ERA - Festive Checkmate
  Sounds like Twelfth Night or mid-80s Demon with a Balkan twist. Good melodic HR but softer than their later material.
3. TANGRA - Questions
  Good melodic rock.
4. KONKOURENT - The Spider
  A curiously fast Metal/"Speed-Hardrock" tune. Highly trained Eastern Block musicians plaing fast-end NWOBHM with schmalzy, wafer-thin production = success!
5. FSB - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  Light rock.
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