Rock Feierwerk - Sieger 85 LP 1986
Label: Feierwerk e.V. München #: - Country: Germany
Info: The first volume in a series of 8 comps released by the Munich rock org Feierwerk, collecting the winners and runner-ups in a yearly rock-competition. Unfortunately only a few of them included anything metallic.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KIROV - New York
2. SWEATSHOP - Spanner Groove
  Jazzy pop with wacky new-wave-style vocals.
3. CRYSTALBALL - I Hope It Won't Be Too Late
  No, of course they're not Doom - if that were the case you'd know about this album already. Rock ballad.
4. NANU - Every Inch A Lady
  aor/synth hybrid?
5. CHALLENGE - Night Stockers
  Classic rock'n'roll with a Hard Rock guitar tone.

Side B:
1. CHALLENGE - Save The Night
  A shocking and very welcomed turn to fast, double-bass-drum-fueled, neo-classical Power Metal, at least for the first 2 minutes. The remaining 5 minutes slows down to melodic, guitar-oriented HR/HM very similar to "Universe"-era Silver Mountain.
2. NANU - How High Is Heaven
3. SWEATSHOP - I Spinn
  Funk rock.
  Slicl pop-rock.
5. KIROV - Bad Boy Blues
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